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As an editor, using MS Word every day in your work, you might feel as though you already know enough about the program. But are you using Word’s full capacity in your editing? 

I love learning new things and exploring new tools. For many years I found Word a challenge, but eventually I discovered that mastering the latest MS Word features can make editing easier and faster. Now, I want to share my experience with you.

- Hilary

Online courses for editors

Tracking your progress is easy with our online, self-paced courses for editors. The courses combine videos, exercises and quizzes, allowing you to apply your new skills. And lifetime access means you can return to the courses whenever you need to.

Our webinars give you a quick and easy way to explore various editing tools. Each webinar covers a specific tool, explaining what that tool is, what it can do and its pros and cons. 

PerfectIt courses

If you want to work faster and produce higher quality documents, you need PerfectIt! The program is one of the most useful add-ins for editors. It checks for consistency and suggests possible corrections, leaving you in complete control.

We currently offer three PerfectIt courses for PC users:

Introduction to PerfectIt 4 for those who have never used this tool

Advanced PerfectIt 4 for those who want to go deeper into style sheets

PerfectIt 4 – from go to whoa, which combines the introductory and advanced courses, for those who want the whole package

We also offer one PerfectIt course for Mac users:

Introduction to PerfectIt Cloud for those who are working on Mac

EndNote course

If you are a technical or academic editor, you may be working with clients who use EndNote. The program manages references and citations, and is of great benefit to authors.

Becoming confident in using EndNote can open up new opportunities for editors. Our EndNote courses can give you that confidence:

EndNote for editors, for those using EndNote X9 or earlier versions.

EndNote extras - a free mini course that explains how you can work effectively with authors who use EndNote.

Why learn with Cadman Training?

Hilary has been where you are, frustrated with the time it takes for editing work. Delighted with the discovery of MS Word’s ‘hidden’ features and useful add-ins, she is passionate about helping other editors benefit from using Word and other tools to work faster and smarter.

Hilary’s personable approach makes it easy to learn with step-by-step tuition.

What Cadman Training participants say ...

“Great training modules. Everything is explained clearly and at a good pace.”

Linda, Australia | Introduction to PerfectIt

“Brilliantly done course. Clear instructions, well paced, nice short modules, comprehensive notes. So very good to be placed in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing… Congratulations on a job well done.”

Anna, New Zealand | Advanced PerfectIt

“A great introduction to using EndNote with clients… Hilary’s knowledge of EndNote shines through. Fantastic work!”

Jessica, Australia | EndNote for editors

Training courses for editors

Your trainer

Hilary Cadman has been editing and training for almost 20 years. When she started on this path, she struggled with Word, and found it very frustrating. But seeing her colleagues working effectively with the program eventually spurred Hilary to get her own skills up to scratch. Now, Hilary has created online courses and a blog to share what she has learned, and to help other editors to see the benefits of being confident in Word and using the many tools that are available.

In particular, Hilary loves using shortcuts to speed up repetitive tasks. In a blog post from Queens University, she describes how she got into editing and became such an enthusiast for editing tools.

Speed up your editing with MS Word tools and add-ins

Tech tools for editors

Hilary’s blog highlights some of the many tools that editors can use to work more effectively and efficiently. It combines practical tips with her thoughts (or perhaps rants!) on why editors need to invest the time and money in buying tools and learning to use them.

If there’s a feature of Word that you struggle with, let Hilary know and she will try to create a post about that feature.

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